Good prices of Rosin (turpentine )

Update: 6/6/2013

When the first rains began to fall with high density, it is also when pine growers in Lang Son province started a new harvest season. The new harvest season comes when pine rosin prices are getting high, creats a exciting emviroment in over the pine forests of Lang Son province,
Currently, Lang Son province has an area of ​​about 80,000 ha pines, mainly grew in districts such as Dinh Lap , Cao Loc, Loc Binh, Chi Lang and Trang Dinh. Every year, turpentine yield is about  12000 -13000 tons, bring back for famers hundreds of billions VND.
Currently, resin costs 27 thousand VND / kg (higher 7 - 9 thousand VND / kg compared to the prices last year). 
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