Green skin pomelo growers in Tien Giang province are so exciited because of the super high prices

Update: 3/7/2013

According to Mr Dua Thai Van, Header of Phu Hoa green skin pomelo growing cooperation (Long Khanh, Cai Lay), the price of green grapefruit are bought right at gardens are about 50.000 - 60.000 VND/ kg, high double last year.
With those prices, every hectare of green grapefruits, farmers get produce worth over half a billion, of which approximately 300 million net profit.
Tien Giang is near 5.500ha grapefruit, pomelo cultivation mainly affirmed specialty brand in the domestic market and exports such as green grapefruit, grapefruit fur Co Co ... concentrated in the districts of flood-prone areas such as Cai Lay, Cai Be, Chau Thanh.
With the application of the advanced farming techniques, growers get an average yield of 14 tonnes / ha and annual production of grapefruits in  the province reached 70,000 tons of fruits.
Tien Giang also identified green skin grapefruits, Long Co Co grapefruits are the special fruit specialties, that have a competitive advantage for  the farmers to  promote income growth, stable life.
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