Avocados are in the harvest season in Quang Tri province

Update: 5/8/2013

The last day of July, the country Gio Linh and Cam Lo district is to harvest avocados. Farmers are very excited because this year is the season for avocados, for high income.
Mr.Minh Le Duan (Cam Nghia commune, Cam Lo district) excited: "My family planted 50 avocados original, original 30 were harvested. Average income per stem avocado for more than 2 million, so that families have a high income. "

Ms. Pham Thi Hanh - collector buy avocado, said that compared to last year, this year the prices have been kept at a high level, averaging 8000-12000 VND / kg (depending on quality). There are many wrong avocado fruits to earn 10-12 million.

Ms. Duong Thi Gai (Le Mon village, Gio Phong commune, Gio Linh) avocados grown more than 80 original, new for this year's harvest is 2 years, but each also earning 30-40 million.

According to Ngọc Vũ/  NTNN news






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