How to distinguish the virigin coconut oil ?

Update: 8/20/2013

Coconut oil has long been considered a panacea in beauty. Coconut oil has many uses, notably the beauty of hair (helps hair shiny, strong, reducing split ends, reduce dandruff) and skin (smooth skin, skin whitening, skin treatment / manicure cracked). However, among a forest of coconut oil suppliers now, you must be very confused in choosing coconut oil products supplier. In this article, Kodo you would like to share the experience and to differentiate virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a pale yellow fatty oil (or white) light aromatic smell. Coconut oil has a very low melting temperature: 24-26 ° C, the average is 25 degrees C. Thus, at room temperature, ie about 26-32 ° C, liquid coconut oil because it exceeded melting.

The interesting thing is, with such a low melting threshold, so for pure coconut oil or not, just for the bottle of coconut oil in place at temperature below 25 degrees C, such as refrigerators, the coconut oil will begin first freeze.

Now, you take the same test Kodo okay, put your bottle of coconut oil to cool refrigerator, wait about 1-2 hours and get out to see. If your bottle of coconut oil freeze, then congratulations, you've got to be kind of virgin coconut oil!

If your bottle of coconut oil does not freeze or partially frozen, the rest soon whether to remain cool in the tank does not freeze, you have a basis to doubt the purity of coconut oil you buy there.

Note that you should not use the freezer to try okay, because the very cold temperature of the freezer or even coca vodka and freeze it!

The principle of this experiment is, freezing temperature of coconut oil is below 25 degrees C, while the freezing temperature of water and some other liquid is below 0 degrees C. So if for coconut oil at temperatures from 1 to 24 degrees Celsius, it will only freeze only coconut oil, other substances remain in liquid form!

Some sellers claim that coconut oil and virgin coconut oil have dark yellow, and white or yellow is not pure. This is not true, because the cooking method handmade coconut oil, coconut oil's color depends on the temperature and cooking coconut selected.

Several others have confirmed that coconut oil smells like coconut candy. However greasy smell of coconut candy is because it is made from coconut + vanilla + other ingredients, so do not smell fragrant virgin coconut oil so much, it's just like fresh coconut or pineapple coconut only.

Overall, coconut oil extraction method will cook more fragrant coconut oil is extracted by cold pressing method. However, with the test results that showed Kodo have two methods are extracted coconut oil to bring the same qualities. Even with coconut oil is dark yellow, which are cooked with high temperature, the amount of nutrients in coconut oil to decline significantly from coconut oil standards.


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