Safe cabbage production in Dak Nong province

Update: 8/29/2013

From funding the national target program to build new rural areas , Dak Song district has conducted demonstration model cabbage production safety in Thuan Ha ha scale 1 . Farmers participating models are 100% invested in seed and fertilizer materials , plant protection products .

After 4 months of implementation models , 9/ 8, PPD station conducting field seminars evaluate the effectiveness of the model shows that the 1 ha , the investment costs of seed, fertilizer materials , public , pesticide is 43.157 million at a yield of 40 tons , with the price of 6,000 / kg, except for all the 196 843 000 interest expense also .

Through workshops and shows , to plant cabbage safety success to comply with the special techniques and processing of soil , soil treated more carefully and proper technique will help limit a lot of deep source disease .

Use organic fertilizers are much decomposed compost or organic fertilizer micro reduce chemical fertilizer to reduce both the cost of measures to improve soil fertility and help plant healthy growth and development as well the limit pests .

During the manufacturing process uses chemicals to be included in the list of drugs allowed , specialized in vegetables or use drugs of biological origin , but the drug must ensure quarantine period and 4 comply with the principle of the right .

Especially the area planted cabbage or cruciferous vegetables continuously many cases should proceed with the measures appropriate crop rotation to reduce pest damage and increased sources of economic efficiency .




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