Cinnamon - not just a spice !

Update: 9/9/2013

Flavor from mountains

Cinnamon is grown in many parts of the world . In Vietnam, the cinnamon plant is divided in many categories and all regions of the country . The most common is the same cinnamon stick , cinnamon wild and cultivated kneeling along the Annamite Mountains from northern Thanh Hoa, Nghe Tinh to Quang Nam , Quang Ngai . An average 30kg cinnamon cassia cinnamon 10g and common elements .

The cinnamon peel conducted May 4-5 and 9-10 on the year , this time more cinnamon plastic , can be easily removed . Que finished picking which must not be used immediately incubate new and pungent aroma characteristics . The first stage is soaked cinnamon a day through the cold water , then wash to dry , for the dry banana leaves tied up thoroughly and pour into jars . Summer brewed about 3 days , 7 days cold season , when he saw the cinnamon steam cooked .

The last step before taking cinnamon to taste the water soak for 1 hour and then pressed between bamboo fence to dry . To store , wrap the cinnamon to the fabric, the lower the zinc tube honey just to keep moisture , so do not dry cinnamon oil and protect the flavor .

Multipurpose  cinnamon

Rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium , calcium , iron , manganese , zinc , magnesium , vitamin A , niacin ... , in addition to rich in fiber and antioxidants so ancient , cinnamon has been used as a medicine in the eastern quarter health . Cinnamon bark has been crushed or ground into flour little by little into the boiling water , cool drink will help heal the digestive tract , respiratory , stimulate blood circulation , blood circulation circuit . When the weather is cold , hot cinnamon water can help your body warmer , increasing resistance in the freezing cold .

In food , cinnamon is used more for sweet and savory dishes . The aromatic , spicy and sweet cinnamon helps reduce fishy odor removal , cause of fish , meat , make the dishes taste more appealing , stimulating the digestive system . With small children , the smell of cinnamon dish was also very encouraging to her to get used to the spices . When soup , chicken soup , you can add a small piece of cinnamon or cinnamon has to change her taste for young help prevent both diarrhea and anti-bacterial .

Cinnamon is also the main ingredients to make bread . In Japan , on the occasion of Tet cake festival indispensable Yatshuhashi the main ingredient is glutinous flour , red bean , cinnamon , brown beans , soybeans . Is considered one of the favorite dishes of American , apple pie with crispy crust dust , combined with soft apple and cinnamon scented also makes the " perfect sweet " infatuation .
It is flawed if not mention the use of cinnamon in beauty . Cinnamon can help reduce acne . A bit of honey mixed with cinnamon powder is placed on the spot acne from 15-20 minutes , then rinse with warm water several times will help to improve acne . Or dab on the lips wet little cinnamon , massage a few minutes , and rinse with clean water , the environment will remain smooth . Hair care needs than a little picky , hair composting 4-5 hours with a mixture of honey, water , olive oil and cinnamon powder continuously for about 1 week will see shiny hair better.

And even though you do not know that many uses cinnamon , simply sipping a fragrant piece of cinnamon , spicy flavor that you will see stars that linger . It is also affordable special attraction of cinnamon , to between how much material wealth , cinnamon is preferred .

Source: - According to Nguyen Man

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