VietGAP Vegetables from Lang Son province

Update: 10/9/2013

Cao Loc district (Lang Son) and soil conditions suitable climate, farmers have developed vegetable growing for years. Many households have turned to growing vegetables vegetable traditional standards of good agricultural production (VietGAP) for high economic efficiency.

He Nong Van Luu, a vegetable grower in rural VIatGAP The Tan commune Zhuge said: "Before eating enough vegetables, not just thinking about selling, this is technical guidance planting and care in all the processes the productivity and quality.

Specifically acres planted vegetables lane 1 after only 45 days to harvest, after deducting expenses, interest income nearly 6 million (old farming practices gained only 2 million); 1 Interest income 11 acres of turnips, 5 million; 1 pole tomato yield was 3,000 kg, the price of 6,000 VND / kg, excluding interest expense is more than 5.7 million ... 5 times with rice ".

According to Mr. Luu, the vegetable VietGAP modern farming methods to ensure the safety of the plant as well as products and not pollute the environment, saving fertilizer, pesticide ...

With a desire to change production methods, the 2011 Ms. Hoang Thi Y in Na Pan, Tan Lien has strongly VietGAP application process on 3 acres of vegetables SX family. Ms. Y said, initially crestfallen because many do not know how to nursery, planting, proper care process.

However, with determination, she spent a lot of time learning techniques through books, newspapers, especially with the guidance of the provincial agricultural extension workers. Gradually, she has mastered every stage techniques should yield, design, quality vegetables all increased.

"Before, we used to fertilize vegetable protein, but when it comes to growing vegetables VietGAP, is minimized protein, fresh vegetables and non-toxic." According to the Italian press, tending vegetable VietGAP process reduces 20% of the fertilizers, pesticides.

In particular, the exclusion period after fertilization, spraying 10-15 days to harvest vegetables to ensure quality. Less cost, her family each year collecting interest 40-50 million, 30% higher than the previous way. Thanks to her income, she and her husband have built conditions of buildings and procurement of domestic utensils.

VietGAP vegetable production contribute to improving the efficiency per unit area, create jobs, increase incomes for rural workers, ensure the provision of clean products for consumers. However, this standard vegetable production in Cao Loc still fragmented and small.

To effectively exploit the potential and strengths of local and sustainable development model VietGAP vegetables, need to focus expansion model, open class technology transfer, coordination of the "4 houses" . Since it will motivate the construction of large cultivation areas, contributing to gradually implement the income criteria for the national target program NTM building ...


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