Famous Ly Son garlic produce

Update: 10/9/2013

Places of Ly Son island district (Quang Ngai province) is not only associated with homeland Squadron Paracel island outpost is also known to produce tingle with garlic flavor, delicious nowhere match.

The spice crops such as onions, garlic inherently agricultural products of deltas areas along the river, but probably long, onion, garlic sailing to the island of Ly Son, rooted in the sand then became a national specialty known tingle.

Since the predecessors to explore Ly Son Island nearly 400 years ago that only a single species living on the island are turbulent sharecroppers, a wild ginger plant them, so Ly Son island district also known as Cu Lao Re. They bring onion, garlic, spices cultivated as a daily service. This is the 2nd species at Ly Son rooted but spicy taste strange, especially delicious than two names on it, the island is also known as the "kingdom" of garlic.

Show in Vo Dat Vinh village said that, prior to 1975, the tree on the island of Ly Son garlic planted in the garden only to small areas. After liberation, onions, garlic Ly Son by boat fishermen on the land and the people of Quang popular as exotic flavors, delicious than garlic grown in the land. So people newly reclaimed acreage expansion. As of now the production of garlic has become a prominent name associated with Ly Son Island.

Learn planting garlic we knew, planted tree species are less arduous and strenuous as onion, garlic crops are grown in the South China Sea islands beyond this. That is why Mr. Nguyen Van Minh Hai commune in telling us that: "Job garlic planted here and very much sophisticated host A".

Reportedly, Ly Son Island was formed from prehistoric eruptions of the volcano have cooled 5. Thus, an area of nearly 1000 hectares of the island's only full-cooled lava rock, sand and coral coast. So, want to plant sand, one must use a vacuum sand in the reef off the coast and into the fields at the foot of two volcanoes cool the core and Thoi Well Money. Cat then leveled in layers, then use your hands to the tiller before planting porous. Ly Son garlic is usually planted in about 9-10 months and harvested in March next year.

However, to plant garlic, onion root, grow in beach sand is a process of sweating between marine farmers. He has said, from planting to harvest external fertilization day, every day fresh water 2 times in the morning and afternoon to neutralize the salinity of sea water enters. Just forget about watering the tree, the saline will die, then the power will flow into the sea. Therefore, to have a bed of garlic for harvest took nearly half a year, the watering nurture.

Perhaps because trees grow garlic here hard as well so regardless of the tree. Directions to visit our garlic fields foothills Thoi Loi runs take place near the coast, Tran Ngoc Nguyen, Ly Son District Chairman cheerfully shared that: "Our Island District has developed more than 300 hectares of land planted garlic, which accounts for about one third of the area of the island. Each service provides Ly Son domestic and foreign markets than 5 thousand tons of dried garlic, bring about a significant economic resource for residents on the island. "

In particular, Ly Son garlic products such as the "king" of garlic species and is known by the name of good-looking as the "Garlic Jade", because when peeled cloves of garlic with white glossy pearl color.

In 2009, the Intellectual Property Department (Ministry of Science and Technology) has brand recognition for products and Ly Son garlic which is a prerequisite for agricultural products is expanding domestic and foreign markets.

We can say with seafaring, planting garlic is also an advantage for the people of the island district of Ly Son sea reassuring grip of economic development.


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