Copra prices have increased every day since last week

Update: 9/13/2013

After a miserable time, the price of coconut in Ben Tre Province has risen back to around 10000-15000 e / dozen 12 left more than 1 week ago. Purchasing prices at many barns coconut and coconut processing facility desiccated coconut in the province is at 90000-95000 e / dozen, coconut type 1.

The coconut plantation, said the cause of the price increase is due to more dry coconut traders and foreign enterprises to invest and build facilities and buy coconut container used to transport water directly, rather than have previously vessel leeway.

Another reason is the last time, heliotrope bug appeared very much, and destroyed coconut trees in Ben Tre and neighboring provinces. This beetles reduced productivity and premature fruit drop from small and many of Ben Tre coconut is leaving the "hanged".

According to traders and growers of coconut, coconut prices have begun to "prosper" and heading back down to discipline prices in November 2011 was 120 e / 12 dozen left.

Thus, from the beginning of the year, though raw coconut price is more volatile, but overall prices tend to rise continuously. Compared to early 2013, the average price rose coconut 35000-40000 e / dozen.




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