Long Son (Dak Nong) corn harvest

Update: 9/13/2013

According to Long Son commune (Dak Mil), in the summer of this year, the commune was planting 650 hectares of maize, mainly hybrids, the average yield was 6 tons / ha.
Chu Van Thao's family in Tay Son village, planted 2 ha, yield of 12 tonnes / ha said: "This year, the weather was quite favorable, less disease, maize growth and good development.

In addition, the District Extension Station popular high-yielding corn hybrids and plant technical training, care, most growers have obtained high yields. "Similarly, Mr. Ha Van Thanh family also planted 1.5 hectares of corn, nearly 10 tons / ha ...

Source: - accorfing to Đuc Hung (Daknong news)




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