Agricultural export decreased but export surplus still got $ 6.8 billion

Update: 9/26/2013

On 25-9, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery month 9-2013 estimated $ 2.4 billion, bringing the value of the export sector in the first nine months of the year to $ 20 billion, an increase of 0.5 % compared to the same period in 2012.
In particular, the export value of major agricultural commodities fell 12% to under $ 10 billion. Only nine months seafood exports reached $ 4.6 billion, up 3%.
But the export value of forest products reached $ 4 billion, up 12%, but for rice, coffee declined in value and quantity of exports.
According to the report, the value of imports first nine months of 2013 reached U.S. $ 13.5 billion, up 10% compared to the same period in 2012.
Thus, although exporting many agricultural products have decreased but remain agricultural trade surplus of about $ 6.8 billion.
However, many experts believe that without restructuring the agricultural sector in time, increase the value of exports is certainly many agricultural commodities, aquatic distress due to lack of sustainable links.
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