Hoa Loc mango up to GlobalGAP & VIETGAP to export abroad

Update: 4/10/2013

With the support of the construction project and quality control of agricultural products and foodstuffs ( FAPQDC ) , by the International Development Agency ( CIDA ) Canada funding , many local boldly gradual transition from traditional manufacturing to agricultural production towards good ( VietGAP ) and aims to GlobalGAP .
Cooperative Hoa Loc mango , Neighborhood Village , Hoa Hung commune , Cai Be District , Tien Giang Province is one of the units issued " green label " and from the beginning of this year has exported the Japanese market through a large mango high prices ...
Talk to us, Mr. Dang Van Du - Head of cooperative control Hoa Loc Mango said : Cooperative was established in 2002 , now has 114 members , with over 68 hectares of mango growing . Cooperative newly certified National Certificate of geographical indications of origin and certification standards VietGAP .
This product is also the first fruits of the Mekong Delta are protected geographical indications , annual mango production is about 500 tons . Estimated time upcoming cooperative society will attract more participants to improve supply capacity , ensuring sufficient supply in the domestic market as well as export markets . Currently, the domestic market is mainly the large supermarkets such as Co - op.Mart , Metro in HCMC , Hanoi .
Mr. Nguyen Van Be , who has over 20 years experience in mango ( Hamlet Town , Hoa Hung commune , Cai Be district ) said the cooperative members , the source of Hoa Loc mango from French (around 1937 ) planted in Hoa Loc , district education, Dinh Tuong Province at the time (now village Hoa , Hoa Hung commune , Cai Be District , Tien Giang province ) .
This is the land of rich alluvial river nutrients , very suitable for Hoa Loc mango growth and development . Hoa Loc mango trees bring high economic efficiency , so the Mekong Delta and the southeastern provinces such as Dong Thap , Can Tho , An Giang , Hau Giang , Dong Nai , Ba Ria - Vung Tau ... the trees were planted .
However, each locality has to grow and care for each other and also different tastes , but nowhere is the juicy , characterized as Hoa Loc mango is grown in Hoa Hung commune .
Mr Little said : "My family is growing 6.000m2 , formerly gardens , planted some rambutan trees , some plum trees , a few orange trees ... After purchasing , I break the mango to grow . In the new plant , so no prior experience , no technical mango bad and poor performance , not even care to know .
Use of fertilizers , pesticides bluff , how much fertilizer that much , sometimes most mango fruit fall , only low yields 5-6 tonnes / ha / year . Thanks to attend training courses and technical planted mango tree care , especially since the application of production processes VietGAP , mango is quickly restored and developed , particularly yields and rising prices significantly.
Currently my mango juggernaut of social standing , reaching an average yield of 10-15 tons , if good care , proper technique contrary to reach 20 tons / ha / year ( mango plantation 5th year onwards ) . With the price of 1 mango , depending on the time range from 45-60000 / kg " .
After many years with mango trees , Mr. Baby has found a way to study treatment , starting for the mango season ( October calendar ) . As for the mango season , the price is very high , this time up to 80,000 VND / kg .
Through the application of Hoa Loc mango production towards better agricultural production ( VietGAP ) , the family said Nguyen Van Be , an income of over 300 million, excluding costs of ash , pesticides , public officials , net profit of about 200 million. He not only performed well , but the process is moving slowly VietGAP to GlobalGAP manufacturing processes to meet the needs of the European market through exports .
Dang Van Du said , to push majnh XK , the cooperative links with processing companies to bring Hatchendo Vietnam Hoa Loc mangoes to Hong Kong , China , Japan ... Particularly in Japan , early 2013 they exported 48 tons , the rest will come in to harvest . Production of annual export volume accounts for 10-15 % of the cooperatives .
The strength of the cooperative is focused materials production , good price , more orders , with the purchase , consumption structure , the techniques , the Gap and the production process, packaging separately. Affairs Cooperative members are regularly trained on basic knowledge about agricultural practices good . From the stage of fertilization , care , harvesting , processing ... must abide by a strict process .
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