Korean market in favor of Vietnamese agricultural products

Update: 7/10/2013

But to compete with other competitors in the region and to pass the strict rules , but Vietnam's agricultural products still dominate the market opportunities in Korea.
This statement was made at the seminar on " Market Access Agreement on ASEAN Korea - South Korea and export opportunities of agricultural products in Vietnam" by WTO HCMC Center held recently .
Fierce competition
According to Le An Hai , Deputy Director, Markets Asia Pacific , the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam agricultural products without significant improvement in exports to South Korea . Vietnam's tough to compete with rivals such as Thailand , Malaysia , Indonesia ...
These countries have approaches and market operators and professional articles . As rubber goods , although the value of Vietnam 's exports to Korea have doubled over the past 12 years but still 6 times lower than Thailand ( 2012 ) .
Korean market has strict regulations on imports . According to Kim Tae -ho , director of the Africa division of Lotte Foods , there are some difficulties for Vietnam to export products to the market .
Specifically not ensure uniformity , can not compete with China , Thailand on packaging , packaging , high requirements on food safety ( harness and products such as hair , leaves . . unacceptable ) .
According to him , Korean consumers are not " indifferent " to import products from China . But due to factors ensure uniformity , so the advantage of packaging products despite higher prices , but Vietnam is still selected .
There are many opportunities
Mr. Hong Won Silk , CEO of Trade Centre Ltd. Lotte Vietnam that said : "The market Korea has strict rules for imports but also opportunities for agricultural products from Vietnam . Because the weather is half Korean farming should not be imported to meet the needs of consumers . " .
 Another reason is that although there are many agricultural products imported from China , but in general consumers are not highly rated on this product . In contrast , they rated better agricultural products from Vietnam .
We can see the trend is quite clear Quo popular Korean companies processed foods , fresh from VN market . This change is an opportunity for Vietnam goods . Time agricultural products imported from Vietnam , including many seafood ( shrimp , squid , fish , crab .. ) fruit ( coconut , dragon fruit , passion fruit , mangosteen .. ) vegetables ( peppers , carrots , broccoli , cabbage .. ) .. are frozen form .
Mr Hai said that in the future , if Vietnam agricultural product intensive investment , improve product quality , competitive in the Korean market as well . According to him , Vietnam businesses if a good relationship , a long-term distribution systems , major Korean partners will occupy more market share for agricultural products in the market .
Kim Tae Ho advice for Vietnam enterprises to export agricultural products to the market then check this goods on the list of prohibited goods imports ( domestic produced enough government not to enter ) . At the same time adhere to very strict quarantine law for each product .
Source: - Tu Anh
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