Binh Phuoc : Current status of Cashew nut production and processing

Update: 12/10/2013

Trees that are identified as major crops in the province . In recent years , although the effects of climate change , changes in market , competition from other plants make the drop area , but yields an output that remains relatively stable .
Current status of production
Area, yield and production
According to the Department of Plant Protection provinces , the total area of the province increased from 2005 to 2007 , up from about 116,000 ha to 170,000 ha ; diminishing returns here in 2007 to about 140,000 ha .
The average yield over the years did not change significantly , ranging between 1-1.2 tonnes / ha , the lowest 2009 alone, only about 900 kg / ha . The yield decreased from approximately 156 thousand tons (2007 ) to about 141 thousand tons (2012 ) , due to reduced area .
The majority of this area is mostly grown from seed varieties
According to Agriculture and Forestry Seed Centre in Binh Phuoc province , through investigation , survey , some of the same good results locally as PN1 , LG1 , CH1 , MH4 / 5 , MH5 / 4 and the selective breeding has developed expectations as PL18 , DP41 , DP27 , BD44 . Currently, the province has about 30 thousand hectares of new planting new varieties accounted for 25.5 % of the province's area . However, the remaining area is mainly planted with seeds , of which more than 30 % of the area that needs renovating old .
Farming techniques , agricultural extension contribute to improving the productivity and quality of
Vo Dinh Khanh , Deputy Director of Agricultural Extension Center , said in recent years , the production and transfer of science and technology and the extension of the tree is constantly promoted, the training farmers on cultivation of productivity growth were focused . The center has organized training courses for farmers on pruning techniques , methods of prevention , pesticides , fertilizer balance for the plant . At the same time , implementation of intensive demonstration productivity growth , balanced fertilizer use , effective on trees , cacao intercropping pattern under the canopy of the model 03 floor under the canopy of cacao cultivation , ginger under cocoa canopy ; cover lost generation models to weeds in the garden . From the above extension has encouraged many farmers to do planting , effectively increasing the productivity , quality and income per unit of area .
The situation in local processing
According to Phan Van Don , deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, cashews reality purchased mainly by traders buying up everyone , farmers harvested immediately sell very convenient for traders do not have to go far , drying , preserving , storing susceptible to the contrary or depress prices , product mix soaked vulnerable poor quality and do not know the real value of cashew nuts . Farmers are not associated with the processing plant , there is no link between production - procurement - nut processing , not the perspective of shared interests logically , most businesses purchase and processing of the product does not hold investments in the materials and associated contracts , sale of products to growers that purchase through a network of dealers in the locality. Therefore, organizations need to link production and policy mechanisms between producers now .
According to the Department of Quality Management & Agro-Forestry- Fisheries , at present, the province has about 201 corporate and limited liability companies ( 109 companies and 82 firms) and 400 cashew processing units in which about 31 enterprises with a total capacity of approximately 81 thousand tonnes / year engaged in exports reached almost 19 thousand tons / year , 2012, to May 9/2013 approximately 14 thousand tons , the facility can meet is the cashew nut processing .
Also according to the quality management department of Agriculture and Forestry & Fisheries production , the province has only one processing unit cashew shell oil . But power is still modest . Processing products following individual ( roasted salted cashew nuts , fried in oil , candy , cake ) . However, the difficult business of raw materials , capital , many processing units probably do little processing quality of food hygiene and safety is not high , commercial fraud is common in the production of variables , although in the center of things but no production plant , which is the business of his material , no commitment with producers should also be active on materials , food safety and is competitive strength of enterprises outside the province led to paintings buy paintings for sale , unfair competition do big damage to the reputation of producers and businesses in the province . / .
According to : Tuyet Nhung - VP Department
Source: Department of Agriculture laboratory -
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