Purple star apple Xuan Hoa

Update: 4/11/2013

Plan to visit orchards Books ( Soc Trang ) you'll know the famous delicious fruits : Grapefruit Plan Member , orange Phu Trinh , Xuan Hoa breast milk .
Breast milk purple Xuan Hoa , after some time has been much neglected garden of particular interest because it is highly profitable crops due to be harvested sooner left breast milk Lo about 1-2 months, and long-distance transport can be accepted by the market .
According to incomplete statistics , purple apple acreage currently about 80 hectares , mainly in Xuan Hoa . In particular , the left area is 15 ha stable .
The garden in the hamlet powerful veteran , said Xuan Hoa , purple apple tree " old guard " in the garden of his seven U.S. life expectancy is over 25 years old lush fruit . According to Nguyen Van Pass , Chief People Strong For every hamlet , formerly Lo Ren star apples grown in popularity in Xuan Hoa but soon was " aging " , the 10 -year-old trees are usually dead branches , small fruits , yield reduced .
Meanwhile, the larger the breast milk purple tree , left as false , contrary to early harvest so high price , high economic efficiency , many gardeners have " change your life " by planting purple breast milk .
Le Van End , one of the thriving garden , made ​​from purple apple tree cultivation experience sharing as follows : To be sold early breast milk , on the 12th lunar month begins fertilizer , bloated compensation to shoots , to March 3 flowering plants , harvest started in September and October is the harvest .
This time Lo Ren star apples should not be harvested fruit purple breast milk of smoking and the average sales price for fluctuations from 20000-30000 / kg . Regarding economic efficiency , he said End planting density 200 trees / ha , tree age 7-10 years , yield 30 tonnes / ha / year , revenue generated is more than 300 million VND / ha / year .
About farming techniques should note the following points : Due purple apple tree so very wrong to limit the branch tet , broken branches should take measures to prop up or hanging branches , it is best to make use of cottonwoods trees pillars for life , due to early ripening purple breast milk , fruit flies vulnerable to attack should take measures to actively prevent fruit flies or proteins simultaneously by Sofri Vizubon .
Also features is early ripening , purple breast milk also has some other advantages such as large, cooked fruit , with nice color ; little dried fruit disease ; tree longevity than breast milk Lo , energy stumpage rates rise ; when picking no fingerprints on the left should be shipped away ; fewer traders mode .
Compared with breast milk violet North Thao ( Dai grown much in mind , My Xuyen district ) , the purple Xuan Hoa breast milk being punched bottom left when fully ripe , and yield a higher selling price . In terms of quality , when cooked to medium fruit ( fruit traders agreed to transport over long distances ) , the lat bit of sweetness than the Lo Ren star apple . However, as for the ripe sweetness equivalent Lo Ren star apples , seeds , cores , pulp and meat tenderness similar Lo Ren star apple .
Breast milk consumption market violet growing while supply is not much to sell at a higher price . According to the Chairman of the cooperatives Xuan Hoa , Nguyen Van Liet , the most purple breast milk for local consumption , popular in the North , partly also been exported to China.
According to Vu Ba Quan -
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