Binh Thuan: successful in Holothuria scabra sea cucumber farming

Update: 7/11/2013

Binh Thuan is the 2nd in the country ( after the Institute for Research and Aquaculture III ) successfully raised sand sea cucumber called Holothuria scabra .
This is the results after a year of cooperation between the Management Board Agricultural Competitiveness Project provinces ( ACP ) and Okinawa Co., Ltd. Hainan . Thereby , in order to research and technology transfer sand sea cucumber farming , serving the needs of commercial farming in and outside the province .
In Vietnam , sand sea cucumber Holothuria scabra ( sand sea cucumber ) distribution is concentrated in the provinces of Phu Yen , Khanh Hoa , Ninh Thuan , Binh Thuan . In particular , in the waters of Binh Thuan , Phu Quy island 's former capital rich fishing grounds of the sand sea cucumber species . However, due to overexploitation , so far cucumbers have become scarce . To meet the demand for sand like sea cucumbers to serve commercial products , from 7/ 2012 to date, the Management Board of Binh Thuan ACP project in collaboration with Okinawa Co., Ltd. Hainan conducting research and transferring breeding success of sea cucumber sand for the base hatchery fish in Binh Thuan Province .
Through this step by step offers quality sea cucumber varieties , adapted to local conditions for coastal aquaculture .
Mr. Luong Thanh Son - Chairman of the research subjects , sand sea cucumber hatchery said : This is a species with high economic value , nutritional value and high medical , environmental -friendly , less disease . They appropriate polyculture , rotation with other objects ( shrimp ) to improve the environment , increase income per unit area of ​​the pond. To successfully produced sand like sea cucumbers , consultants have held training courses for 7 transfer students , who are knowledgeable about aquaculture in the province , to guide the selection of technical and sea cucumber broodstock parents , spawning , egg collection and filtration , floating larvae , larvae cling to prepare for bed , run and eventually seed collection and transportation like sea cucumbers .
So far , all the participants were able to produce similar success cucumber sand . This is one of the topics in the success of the implementation process . According to Mr Luong Thanh Son , to complete the process sand sea cucumber hatchery , it takes about 1 months time . In particular , the technique adopted to select the healthy sea cucumbers parents , no scratches , larger size 250g . The cucumber seed weight averaging from 3-5 g / fish , with the price of 5,000 / child .
Commercial production
According to statistics in 2012 , the province has 158 manufacturing facilities like water san/663 camp . Particularly, the area of ​​1,381 ha shrimp farming , with 820 farms , concentrated in Tuy Phong , Ham Thuan Nam , Lagi , Ham Tan ... However, the fact that shrimp although highly profitable , but the potential risk of disease . Therefore, the successful production of sea cucumbers like sand is very important .
As representatives of Okinawa Co., Ltd. Hainan , households engaged in aquaculture, sea cucumbers can raise alternate way . For example, the province of Khanh Hoa , Phu Yen is applied after harvest shrimp , sea cucumber stocking her children , with a density of 1 m2/con . After a period of 8 months for harvest sea cucumbers with an average weight 300g/con . With current commodity prices from 60000-70000 VND / kg ( fresh ) , who can raise a decent income , reduce risk of disease .
Regarding the market , now is the sand sea cucumber exports become " expensive " in markets such as China , Singapore , Korea ... They are processed into nutritious food specialties , are many people favored. Particularly in Binh Thuan , if people want to raise sea cucumber sand can buy seeds at Okinawa Co., Ltd. Hainan and company product consumption after harvest .
About cucumbers
Sea cucumber round tubular sand , the dark gray or black back , white belly side . They are the main breeding season from April to August every year . Sea cucumbers feed natural sand and organic detritus in the pond . However, to ensure adequate nutrition for growing cucumbers , shortened culture period , the food should be added in dry powder form is smooth , periodic 1g/m2/tuan . At the same time , more water changes to help increase the amount of natural food in the pond and create a healthy environment ...
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