Seagrape processing and storage technology in Vietnam

Update: 11/11/2013

Seagrapes will be cutting its own stand and just take the body , choose the vertical body length > 5 cm with the results , " grape " ( ramuli ) regularly arranged around the body stand .

They will be washed several times with sea water , then drain and will be stored in normal temperature conditions , the foam containers , plastic bags or sealed , no water .

They can be kept in the same period of 10-15 days , enough for this particular type of vegetables can easily be transported to the consumer .

The significance of the development of aquaculture in Vietnam
- It is possible to deploy the appropriate type of farming depends on the local situation . The area of ​​abandoned shrimp is great potential for the development of seaweed farming grapes . The offshore islands and coastal entirely possible this seaweed farming to reduce the need to transport vegetables from the mainland .
- In addition to giving us the opportunity to participate in the world market , Vietnam to the traditional practice of using a variety of vegetables , as will be widely consumed vegetables attractive this . The analysis results showed that seaweed is rich in vitamins and trace minerals , which may be studied for use as a functional food . If the transfer of technology and culture in the community widely , Nho sea algae would not be high-end seafood specialties today that while consumer prices will be as common as green vegetables .
- In the street culture environment does not use chemicals in the process and the finished product vendors , may also net of quality control to achieve the targets for food safety . This is a miracle and vegetable , Vietnamese priority than vegetables is that they can be stored in normal temperature conditions , contained in about 10-15 days but you can still keep life normal state .
- Create a form of seaweed products in aquaculture . Due to the rapid absorption of nutrient salts , ammonia absorption priority first , so they were able to be used for the modeling of aquaculture in a sustainable manner , increase income for the community .
According to Nguyen Huu Dai -
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