Dong Nai has exported about 40 tonnes of cashew nut shell oil

Update: 11/15/2013

According to Nguyen Thai Hoc , Chairman of The Association of Dong Nai province , the current production of cashew shell oil has thrived . Every year , manufacturing cashew nut shell oil country was producing about 80,000 tons , of which 60,000 tons exported , earning U.S. $ 50 million .
Dong Nai Province about 60 % share of production of cashew nut shell oil country. Since early this year , Dong Nai has exported about 40 tonnes of cashew nut shell oil , earning nearly $ 24 million .
According to Learning , is a ton of cashew nut shell oil exports worth $ 600 USD , while annual basis to remove the entire cashew shell after processing cashew nuts for export , very wasteful large . Thus , the production of cashew nut shell oil not only bring economic benefits to the enterprise , but also solve the problem of labor and environmental pollution .
Until now , enterprises in Dong Nai has reached tens of thousands of production tons / year , up dozens of times on start-up .
Cashew Oil is your fuel source for many industrial sectors , such as the manufacture of paints , anti- rust , adhesives , powder brake friction motorcycles , cars ... The export market also expanded more recently , outside of China also EU , Japan ... , in which China imported a large amount of cashew nut shell oil refined from Vietnam for many other products with value economic times higher crude oil , including manufacturing adhesive materials of high quality , premium paints , insulation materials , motherboard electronic products , in the manufacture of pulp friction brake ...
He said the current School , in the many businesses that have invested modern technology to produce more new products not only bring higher value exports , but also contribute to providing resources , accessories for many different industries in the province . Since this processing is more specific , so producers of cashew nut shell oil Dong Nai industrial zones are needed to concentrate on producing its own .
Mr. Do Cao Nguyen , representing the Vietnam-China oil base ( Xuan Loc ) said last time , grain production without taking into account the value of cashew nut shell as well as waste after processing , usually used as fuel . Since the production of cashew shell oil , cashew nut shell became valuable material . Therefore, the contribution of this new production not only in economic terms but also contribute to solving waste disposal problems .
Similarly, owners of oil Nguyen Thi Nga ( Xuan Loc ) that today more and more facilities , small businesses interested in investing cashew nut shell oil production because production line to produce 100% of the water should not be too heavy capital investment that economic efficiency is high .
In addition , lower labor costs as a production line only a few employees . Meanwhile , demand for large market traders to collect goods in person . Therefore, after some time , the basis has invested more machines to increase production to 3 times higher than before but still not enough to supply goods to the market . / .
Le Hien / VNA
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