The higest price of fresh cassava ever

Update: 11/18/2013

Currently, traders from the Dong Nai flock to ask where to buy fresh cassava farm with 2,600 VND / kg, an increase of more than 1 thousand / kg compared to 2012.
Fresh cassava price rise is due to the demand for dried cassava plants in domestic and export demand increased.
This is a record price for 5 years. However, at present wheat farmers have to sell. Because of the wheat harvest Dong Nai starting mid December onwards.
Some wheat farmers in Trang Bom district, Xuan Loc, said wheat prices high, many traders solicited to buy the young cassava.
However, the majority of households do not have to sell because of the small spit wheat yields may fall 3-5 tons / hectare compared to noodle all day.
According to Huong Giang - Dong Nai news
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